AquaSense Amino Acid Cleanser - Your Refined Cleaning Action

Natural Constituent: Amino Acid, Glyceryl Cocoate, 8 types of Amino Acids and Natural Moisture-retention Agent.


  • Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate: A mild-action and irritant-free composition that efficiently gets rid of all facial impurities and oil without causing a sense of tightness, dehydration, or irritation to the eyes.
  • Glyceryl Cocoate: An emollient capable of minimizing skin irritation to leave the skin refreshingly-clean and tenderly-soft without causing a sense of tightness or dehydration after use.
  • 8 types of Amino Acids: Powerful in skin affinity and mild in action, enabling a perfect balance within the skin’s tissues to meet the moisturizing needs.
  • Natural Moisture-retention Agent: Capable of softening and protecting the natural sebaceous membrane of the skin during cleansing to replenish skin moisture and relieve dehydrated skin and other discomforts.

How to Use:
  • Lather well in wet palms, then massage gently over face and neck. Rinse off. Use day and night.
AquaSense Amino Acid Cleanser at $58
50ml / tube
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